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Remote Administration and Monitoring

You need a brand spanking new server?

Give it some thought, in case you buy 1-15 servers, associated maintenance contracts and at least one process administrators to make sure you can cover holiday, illness and holidays you have made a significant investment already in hardware, application, manpower and training. Not to mention the time necessary to get the servers, installed and configured with the proper application and then train you technical staff as well as the users. As well, if (or ought to I say ‘when’) your compute needs grown in the next year like they always do, you now need to buy new servers and provision those and somehow add them to the fold.

A New Breed of Servers is born

So what is the solution to this pricey Endeavour? Today, savvy CEO/CTOs are moving their internal infrastructure to the net in the kind of cloud computing. Of the most popular services is rack pace cloud servers. In a couple of minutes it takes to register your account, you will have your first server up and walking (no waiting and no fuss). The flexibility as well to make use of multiple server as well as a load balancer will soon outweigh all the cost of having internal servers to handle all this and the people to maintain it all.

So I don’t need any process administrators?

The answer to that is NO. You still need process administration to put in your specific application and monitor your cloud servers to make sure optimum capability but you no longer need that entire staff on full-time. This is where a brand spanking new breed of admins is born and I call that cloud administration. For a little charge per hour, these services will log on to your servers/website and perform all the work necessary and then hop off. You are billed by the hour and therefore your costs are kept under control at all times.

Here are the Key Benefits of using cloud administrators:

High-quality process administration services.

Part-time or full-time monitoring and administration services.

Performance monitoring of the systems.

Load balancing in various application servers and monitoring the CPU usage of application and database servers.

Taking online and offline backups.

Scheduling background jobs.


It may be necessary for you to have internal servers for things like company secrets, but for all other applications you ought to keep in mind all the costs that you will incur in rent, hardware, salaries and training. If what you need is to get the most out of your budget and out of your IT infrastructure, then a cloud computing as well as a cloud process administration solution may be the solution for your enterprise. To learn more about the top secrets management tools for business secrets, visit this website:

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