Building A New Collection Of Breyer Classic Model Horses & Accessories


It’s highly rewarding and enjoyable to collect Breyer classic model horses & accessories. If you have decided to join in on the fun, you are probably interested in a few pointers which will put you on the right track. There are millions of people around the world who collect these amazing small model horses and gear. And, thanks to the internet, many of these collectors have gotten together in online communities of all types to share their passion with one another.

It would be wise to first visit the official Breyer website so you can familiarize yourself with the history of these horses. The website is chock full of all types of info any new collector would find interesting and helpful. While you are on the Breyer Horses website, click on the ‘Collectors’ tab so you can read about joining the Collector Club. For just $20 you can become a member of the largest group of Breyer model horse enthusiasts in the world who come together on the site to share their passion for Breyer classic model horses & accessories.

Many new collectors opt to focus on the classic model horses because of the desirable size of these models which are approximately 9 x 6 inches. A good place to pick up a few classic Breyer horses is eBay. On any given day, you should be able to choose from hundreds of listings for classic Breyer horses which can run anywhere from $4 per model to a few hundred dollars for a rare horse. There are so many listings for Breyer classic model horses & accessories on eBay that the site has an entire category dedicated to these models. So do make it a habit of checking for auctions regularly to see what’s new.

If you don’t want to pay to become a member of the official Breyer collector’s club, look around online for blogs and forums which are dedicated to Breyer collecting. You may be very surprised to discover just how popular it is to collect Breyer Classic model horses & accessories because there are many online communities out there where collectors gather.

When starting any type of collection, it’s always a smart idea to pick up a collector’s guidebook. Check sites like Amazon to see if you can find listings for a couple of Breyer collector guides. There are so many Breyer horses in circulation and it can get very confusing for the novice to know what horses are the most prized and which are very common. But when you’re armed with a good guide, you will make good decisions when adding to your growing collection of Breyer classic model horses & accessories.

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