What To Check When Hiring An Injury Lawyer In Houston?


Did you suffer injuries in an unfortunate plant explosion and need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim? Were you hurt in a car crash in Texas? Did you sustain injuries as a visitor on an oilfield? Are you a victim of a defective product? These are common situations when you should meet with an Attorney to discuss the scope of filing a personal injury claim. For someone who hasn’t handled such situations in the past, it could be a hard task to find the right lawyer. Here is a list of things you must check before hiring an injury lawyer.

  1. Relevant experience: Injury lawyers are capable of handling many types of cases, but most law firms usually focus on specific areas of personal injury law. Make sure to check the profile of the lawyer to know whether they have worked on similar lawsuits.
  2. Ratings: Online ratings are pretty useful for comparing local lawyers in Houston. You must check social media sites and search engines for independent reviews. You don’t have to blindly rely on what other clients say, but the information can be handy.
  3. Current caseload: You should know whether an injury lawyer is available for your case or whether they are preoccupied with the existing workload. When you call an attorney, you should be able to get a response, preferably within a day.
  4. Payment structure: Most lawyers don’t charge anything immediately when taking a personal injury lawsuit. They are rather interested in the settlement, and when a client wins, they get a fixed share of the final compensation. Ensure you understand the contingency fee arrangement.
  5. Comfort: You should feel comfortable talking to an attorney about the accident and hard facts like whether you are responsible for the mishap to an extent. If you find an injury lawyer who doesn’t have the time to listen to you or answer questions, look for other options.
  6. Approach: You already know that an attorney is not right for you when they want to make money by inflating your claim or want you to lie. A capable injury lawyer will explain legal options and determine the legal strategy based on facts.
  7. Trial experience: Besides the ability to work on your lawsuit, a good lawyer should have experience representing clients before the judge. Trials are not common for personal injury lawsuits, but you need to prepare for all circumstances.

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